At Al-Bayyinah School, our aim is to give our students a sense of identity as Muslims and to provide them with an understanding of Islam that prepares them to live, study and work in a multi-cultural, multi-faith Britain and contribute positively to the wider society.

The key objectives of Al-Bayyinah School are to:

• Please Allah and follow the way of Prophet Muhammad

• Provide high quality Islamic education, which is authentic, broad and balanced

• Provide modern teaching methods in a structured program to facilitate the study of the Quran, Arabic and Islamic Studies

• Provide a rich and rewarding learning environment, necessary for the development of student’s personal and spiritual growth, character and Islamic identity

• Provide a safe, friendly and well-organised environment in which students can excel in their Islamic learning

• Encourage active participation and contribution within the community

• Provide the opportunity for each student to develop and achieve their full potential through the teachings and practice of Islam, so as to develop their identity as British Muslims

• Develop our student’s confidence, self-discipline and ability to positively meet challenges