Secondary Years

In Secondary, we teach students from the age of 11 to 18. Our primary objective is to prepare the students for the challenges that affect our youth living in modern times. Within these ages, we also split the students into separate boys and girls classes so that they may feel more comfortable to address the personal issues that affect them as they are growing up. This approach has led to many healthy class discussions about puberty, hijab, etiquettes between the genders and the dangers of social media.

Learn Islam
The curriculum progresses towards a deeper understanding of the topics covered in the earlier classes, in addition to a focus towards developing leadership in the older classes. The leadership lessons are based on the lessons from the prophet Muhammed (PBUH) to help them develop successful careers and life management skills. Furthermore, in Arabic, we have internally developed a combined Quranic Arabic and Arabic language course together with course material to help the children develop foundations in both which aims to demonstrate how learning the Arabic language can help them understand the Quran as well.

Love Islam
As the students start to develop their ability to question what their faith means to them, we provide opportunities for them to reflect upon the signs of creations, the mercy and generosity of our Creator and the purpose for which we were created. This leads to a deep love of Allah (SWT), a deepening of our imaan and our purpose.

Live Islam
In order to prepare our students for life after school, once a year, we a career fair for our older students to meet our staff and parents from different professional backgrounds. This provides the students with real life examples of practising Muslims who are successful in both deen and dunya.

We also encourage active participation in local charity work. For example, last Ramadan we gave our older students responsibility for delivering and processing the food donations that were collected by the whole school for our local food bank.

We are currently implementing a Teacher-training program for our students who wish to train and work within the School as a way to develop professionally as well as make a social contribution to the community.