Core Values


We expect all teachers to interact and teach our students by following the way that our Prophet (PBUH) did and to adhere to our key values. Our beloved Prophet (PBUH) taught dealt and interacted with children in such a way that many of them grew up to be outstanding companions and model Muslims. He taught us that in order to nurture Imaan in our children; we must first build the foundation blocks.

1. The first is to establish the bond of trust between teacher and student. His approach was always gentle and He made the children feel valued and special. As a result of this bond, children become more receptive to learning.

2. The second is to nurture love for and awareness of Allah.

3. The third is creating positive associations when teaching Islam. He would motivate them with rewards and teach them at their level of understanding.

4. The fourth is to develop the child’s morals and manners.

5. The final is to develop the social dimension of the children by teaching them to implement what they have learnt so that they grow into positive, contributing and active members of their community.

The Prophet (PBUH)’s methodology is the foundation of our our core values; Learn, Love and Live Islam, which are engrained throughout the learning experience at the School.

1) Our children Learn about Islam in a nurturing and creative way,
2) We instill the Love of Islam by showing them the beauty of our religion, and
3) We teach our children to Live as practicing and productive Muslims.

We take the Islamic education of our students as an enormous responsibility and strive to embed a lifelong love of learning. At Al-Bayyinah School, our aim is to give our students a sense of identity as Muslims and to provide them with an understanding of Islam that prepares them to live, study and work in a multi-cultural, multi-faith Britain and contribute positively to the wider society.

The key objectives of Al-Bayyinah School are to:
• Please Allah and follow the way of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) .
• Provide high quality Islamic education, which is authentic, broad and balanced.
• Provide modern teaching methods in a structured programme to facilitate the study of the Quran, Arabic and Islamic Studies.
• Provide a rich and rewarding learning environment, necessary for the development of student’s personal and spiritual growth, character and Islamic identity.
• Provide a safe, friendly and well-organised environment in which students can excel in their Islamic learning.
• Encourage active participation and contribution within the community.
• Provide the opportunity for each student to develop and achieve their full potential through the teachings and practice of Islam, so as to develop their identity as British Muslims.
• Develop our student’s confidence, self-discipline and ability to positively meet challenges.
• Develop a positive, life-long attitude towards learning and working.
• Respect and care for the school and wider environment.
• Help our students acquire a moral attitude to life through a conscientious awareness (Taqwa) of Allah, good character and practice of Islam in all their affairs and transactions.