Early Years

Our Early Years caters for children from the age of four to six. Our aim for the Early Years is to develop the Islamic character and habits of the children and to build a foundation for formal Islamic learning. The first seven years is an important time to instill the key principles of Islam in a positive way. It is therefore vital we take all the developmental needs of children at this age into account in order to provide the right environment, the right activities and the right example to follow.

Our Core Values Embodied in Early Years

Learn Islam
At this age children learn though imitation, repetition and motivation and opportunities for free play are vital for optimum development. Teaching of Islamic themes and principles will be carried out by example rather than by direct instruction and is integrated rather than subject-based. The learning should happen through practical application and the learning styles should trigger the different senses, so that it captivates all children who learn in different ways. For example, we use different teaching styles within Early Years such as sensory, construction, role-modelling and creative.

Love Islam
The Early Years approach is particularly sensitive to the age of the students so we do make reference to ‘shaytaan’, fire and punishment. These topics are taught in the upper classes and we simply refer to how Allah (SWT) loves us and provides for us and wants us to go to Jannah.

Live Islam
The teachers’ role is to be conscious of their responsibility to provide a nurturing, joyful, warm and secure environment. The children will then naturally imitate the teachers around them. For example, the teachers say ‘bismillah’ before start our lessons and put on our coats and start our work etc. as so that the students can learn by example.