1) How much are the fees for the school and how can we pay?

The cost is £12 per week and the fees should be paid monthly or termly in advance. Fees can be paid by cheque, by bank transfer or standing order. Cash will also be accepted, but is not preferred. There is a payment desk at reception and payments can be taken here. Please see slip with bank details.

2) When is the school open and are there any Holidays?
The school is open every Saturday from 10.00am until 1.15pm during term time. The school is open the first Saturday of every school Holiday and will be closed on the second Saturday

3)How many classes are there and how many children in each class?
There are eight classes and each class has a capacity of up to 25 children per class. There are teaching assistants in the majority of classes, keeping the Teacher to student ratio at 1:10. The school caters for children of all abilities, and from all backgrounds

4) What subjects are taught?
The subjects are Quran, Arabic and Islamic Studies. The emphasis in Quran is on learning to read, with correct pronunciation, and understand the rules along with memorisation. In Arabic, the students learn to write Arabic, and as they progress through the classes the focus changes to understanding the Qur’an Arabic. Islamic studiescovers a wide range of subjects, including essentials of Islamic Worship, Belief in Allah, The pillars of Islam and Imaan, The stories of the Prophets and Islamic Manners.

5) Are there any books to buy?

Yes. There are some workbooks, and course books that the students will need. For Quran we use the Graded Steps in Quran Reading. For Arabic the students need an Arabic workbook, and will need one every term. For Islamic Studies there is a course book and the students will require one book for every school year. There are additional resources such as Qur’an Cd’s, A Short Surah book which can also be purchased. A full set of recommended books at the beginning of term costs £15. Any additional books are £5 each.

6) Do you have qualified teachers?

Each of our teachers is qualified in the particular subject they teach, but they are not all required to be fully qualified teachers. They are all of an excellent standard of knowledge and many have a wealth of experience in teaching their subject. They are however all given additional teacher training onsite. The teachers are good role models for the students, fully committed to sharing their love and passion for Islam with them. All teachers are CRB checked.

7) Is Homework given?
Yes Homework is set for each subject.

The nature of Homework for the Early Years- Years 1&2; Memorising: Children should spend an average of 10 minutes a day practising the Surah or verses they learnt in class. Children will also be given practical tasks to implement lessons they may have learnt in school. For example they may have to complete a chart showing how many kind deeds they did that week.

Year 3 onwards will be expected to undertake about one and a half hours of homework a week. Children should read Qur’an to their Parents or Carers or, if they are fluent readers, read on their own for at least 10 to 20 minutes a day.

8) My child is only 4 years old. Will he find this overwhelming?

No, hopefully not. The school is divided into the Early years (4-6 year olds) & the Upper School ( 7- 16 year olds). The aim in the early years is to plant the seed of Imaan in the children, using teaching methods appropriate to their age, incorporating stories, arts and crafts and activities to reinforce key concepts taught in Class.

Lessons are spaced out and divided by creative learning sessions, circle time, Qur’an memorisation and Qur’an workshops. Quran lessons in early years are based on memorisation and understanding. Children will be taught to read and write Arabic in the third year of the Early Years.

9) Do we have to pay if our child misses a lesson?

Yes. We ask for payment of fees in advance and parents still need to pay if students miss an occasional lesson. The fees are taken to keep the child’s place in that class. If there are more than three consecutive absences without prior arrangement the student’s place cannot be guaranteed.

10) Is there a discount if I have multiple children attending the school?

As we are an independent and a Not for Profit organisation, we are relying on the fees to help us run the school efficiently. We are unfortunately unable to offer any reduction in fees at this moment in time. We do however have a small fund available, donated by a few very generous people, which is specifically for helping the families who are unable to pay the fees.

This is a very limited resource and thus is reserved for families in very difficult circumstances. There is an application process to benefit from this fund, hence please refer anyone you think may qualify for this to reception.

11) Is there a school uniform?

There is no specific uniform required. All students are encouraged to dress within Islamic guidelines. Older girl’s i.e. above 13 should be dressed in loose clothing and are encouraged to wear hijaab. Our main aim is for children to feel welcome at the school and hope through encouragement, learning and understanding they will choose to adopt the Islamic dress code voluntarily.